Trude B. Johnson, Managing Director of TBJ Consulting, LLC, A Workers' Comp Provider Marketing & Liaison Company


TBJ Consulting offers a comprehensive service, focused on assisting Nevada Workers' Comp Community Claims Professionals find providers who specialize in treating Workers' Comp patients.


Claims adjusters, case managers, nurse case managers, law firms, and employers often reach out to TBJ Consulting to expedite referrals & communications with TBJ providers.


All TBJ Consulting providers are listed on the State of Nevada DIR APPROVED PROVIDER LISTING.


Provider services include treatment, Second opinion Consults, Independent Medical Evaluations (IME's) and Permanent Partial Disability Evaluations (PPD's).


TBJ Consulting also works with Convergence Care who specializes in the coordination of ancillary services by utilizing their strong network of providers throughout Nevada and the U.S.


Convergence Care services include:


  • Hospital Discharge Planning

  • Rehabilition Placement

  • Home Health

  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

  • Transportation & Translation Services

  • Diagnostics

  • Physical Medicine

  • Home & Vehicle Modifications

  • Ergonomic Evaluations

  • Coordinate with Nurse Case Management

  • Catastrophic and home healthcare programs coordinate all products and ancillary services for acute and long-term injuries

  • Single Point of Contact

Medical Providers interested in TBJ Consulting Services


Benefits of becoming a client of TBJ Consulting for medical providers include:


  • Increase visability to the Nevada Workers' Comp Community Patient Referral Sources

  • Training in Worker's Comp processes

  • Assistance with problem solving and understanding insurance company expectations, procedures, etc.

TBJ Consulting, LLC Services


  • Dissemintation of informational materials that highlight providers background and specialties.

  • Education as needed to providers' staff to create a streamlined and efficient process for receiving and processing referrals.

  • This can include establiishing clear communications with Scheduling/Admissions teams, back office, and ensuring prompt response times.

  • May also assist with obtaining written authorizations from the referral sources to ensure payments; training staff as to Nevada Workers' Comp Requirements and provide additional resources at the providers' request to ensure a smooth and well-informed team approach to serving the WC Patients and referral sources.

  • I.E. reporting requirements/time frames, along with the Nevada Workers' Comp Guidelines/Regulations.

  • Provide detailed information on the admission criteria, treatment, specialized services, and any other unique features that set services apart from the other medical providers.

  • Relationship building and facilitating clear communications & feedback between the Workers' Comp Providers & the Referral Sources.

  • Attendance of industry conferences, participation, and coordination of networking events, and reaching out directly to potential partners.


As your Workers' Comp Liaison, I am always happy to facilitate your referrals, and any other communications with the doctors and staff working with TBJ Consulting.


If you are interested in TBJ Consulting becoming your liaison to the Nevada Workers' Comp community, please reach out to; or by calling or texting Trude at 702-743-9313 to schedule an appointment to discuss services.


Trude B. Johnson